Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art comparison

There’s probably a shortage of poses going round, but I prefer to entertain the idea that in a shocking twist-end we learn that Liam Neeson’s Unknown character turns out to be Alex Pettyfer’s father: “I am your father, number four!”

I'm a fan of the first Sisterhood movie, liked it better than I did the book (which is not meant to say that the novel was pants *giggle*, I just had higher expectations of it after watching the movie).

It might be just me, but I like how here one poster mirrors the other as if they came from the same place of imagination. Being both tied to the werewolf myth they even might. Now, if only the idea of "twilight" director Hardwicke at the helm didn't curb my enthusiasm for Red Riding Hood so much...
BTW: Make sure to check out the spanish version of Red Riding Hood I added to one of my older posts.

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