Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate day, arr!

"Ay, ye landlubbers!
It's talk like eh Parrot day ... Polly wants-
What? Speak louder bub, I've got me ear full of salt water! ... Oh, I see, mate. We got a us a talk like a Pirate day, makes more sense frankly, scratch that cookie then and, ah, walk that plank if a you would be so nice. And lest I forget: Arr!"

But seriously, what better excuse could there be to cram out that ol' pearl of piraty goodness starring the inimitable Captain Blood, Errol Flynn!
Although, is it just me or does that artist seem to have had a young Ingrid Bergman on his mind when he drew Olivia de Havilland?
It’s like looking at a “For whom the Skull and Crossbones tolls” poster…

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