Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picture perfect moment

While taking a shower and contemplating how The strange case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde can be related to a philosophers quote that I like to paraphrase as “All that keeps us in check is our fear of punishment”, it occurred to me how perfectly this scene from The Mexican illustrates the truth of it, when Brad Pitt stops in the middle of nowhere at an empty crossroads, in front of a red light.


  1. But do you believe that "all that keeps us in check is our fear of punishment"?

  2. I do believe that Stevenson's Mr Hyde shows us the true nature of Dr Jeckyll stripped of binds society imposes on us, and therefore true human nature, so yes, I'm sure that without the believe that some kind of punishment will follow our actions, we would be bound to simply let us be guided by our most primal urges, at a complete ignorance of other peoples needs.