Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Crazies

Brilliant artwork!
But let's face it: The Crazies will never be able to live up to the awesomeness of it's Korean poster.

Still, the trailer looks fairly promising if reminding me very little of the The Crazies I tend to remember having seen in my childhood.
And let me just quickly add I loved it!
It might, as in various places declared, not have been Romero's best work and not have the same brilliance as Night of the Living Dead, but I remember it to be a thoroughly entertaining work, far from being his worst (as such Martin or "Lost videotapes of the Dead" aka Diary come ready to mind).

The trailer I keep seeing for the remake constantly reminds me of a different take on much the same story shot in '84: Impulse.

If you haven't had yet the misfortune to see this movie, then just take my word on it when I say that it is almost not worth it.
The highlights of the movie can be quickly counted off on one hand:
Young Meg Tilly
Shot in the 80's
Young Meg Tilly
Reminds of The Crazies
Young Meg Tilly

In short, the movie is every bit as boring as the poster makes it look.
Talk about truth in advertising!

And while where at the topic and because I've already happened to mentioned the movie: The Thai poster for Martin, if only the movie had been half as exciting...


  1. That poster for THE CRAZIES appears to use the artwork from the US 2-disc DVD release of THE MIST. Check it out:

    That Thai MARTIN poster is the only one I have framed in my house. If you look closely, they have put Catherine Macoll from THE BEYOND on the left hand side above the lovers embracing.

  2. This is only kind of a zombie film. I mean, no one's dining on the flesh of their living compatriots, there's no shambling, and mindless killing. One thing I liked about this was that precious time isn't spend trying to discover the reason for everyone's behavior; attention is focused on the survivors and how they react to what's going on. I also appreciated that at no time does anyone, even the sheriff, have this superhuman ability to know what must be done and how to do it. Dutton isn't a superhero, he's a sheriff.