Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's the right stuff

There are a few things about the advance poster for Amelia that I don’t really like, but it's most of all the positively modern looking style of it which gives the whole set-up an unbearable anachronistic look to my eye. The next thing that negatively stood out to me was the A.E. lettering on her back, it makes me think she’s about to perform as a Steven Spielberg flybot, the first poster design looked probably a lot like this.
As an advance poster I guess it's still passable although I would have preferred something more memorable, that catches the eye and intrigues the viewer...

All in all the picture concept doesn’t work very well for me, but what I love about that poster is the font they used, that A with it’s flying scarf is perfect!
I missed something like it on the poster for The Red Baron, because it ideally transports this idea of chivalry and adventurous spirits we tend to, at least subconsciously, connect with this lost age of flying aces.

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